Delta 8 High Life Sour Worm Gummies - 15mg each, Multiple Sizes

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Product: Delta High Life Sour Worm Gummies

Details: Delta High Life gummies are now in sour worms. These sour worm gummies are coated with delta 8 THC distillate. Each of these Delta High Life gummies has ~15mg of Delta 8 THC and are 3rd party lab tested. Made in the USA. Available in a 4 pieces (60mg) and 15 pieces (225mg) packages.
IngredientsCorn Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Modified Corn Starch, Fumaric Acid, Lactic Acid, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Calcium Lactate, Sodium Lactate, Titanium Dioxide, Yellow #6, Yellow #5, Blue #1, Red #40.

Quality: High
Batch: 0139
Aroma: Multi-flavored Sour Worms
Size: 1 gummy

Total Cannabinoids: 18.29mg
Total Delta 8: 15.66mg

CBD: 0.00%
CBDa: 0.00%
CBG: 0.00%
CBN: 0.00%
CBC: 0.00%
Delta 8 THC: 0.54%
Delta 9 THC*: 0.09%
     *Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%


Delta 8 THC Edibles Warnings

WARNING: This product contains hemp derived Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC has psychoactive effects when consumed. High Life gummies contain 25mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy. High Life chocolate bars contain 250mg of Delta 8 THC per bar, 25mg per square. High Life tinctures (dropper) contains 1000mg of Delta 8 THC per bottle, 33mg per FULL dropper. Use responsibly. A common recommended dose to start is 10mg-13mg (half of 1 gummy, half of 1 square, or 1/3 of a dropper), but do not take more than the amount recommended by your doctor. Consult a physician before using this product. Do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery when taking these edibles. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions. Boston Hempire and/or the High Life brand is not responsible for the actions of individuals who take this product. Consumer accepts full responsibility. Use caution when taking this product and allow at least 90 minutes for effects to take place or before consuming more. Must be 21 years or older to purchase or use.

NOTE: We include a frozen water packet in each shipment to help the gummies and chocolate bars from melting in transit. We recommend shipping this product with priority mail service or faster. Melting is still possible and does happen on occasion. Place your gummies or chocolate in the fridge to create a handleable consistency and texture. Continue to only take the amount that was recommended to you.

Delta 8 THC Edibles Legalities

Delta 8 THC is legal according to federal and many state laws if the active THC (delta 9 THC) is under 0.3%. High Life Delta 8 gummies are derived from federally legal hemp and do not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. We retain the right to not ship to any locations where local laws conflict with the 2018 Farm Bill and we are not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your area of residence. By purchasing these edibles, you assume full responsibility for all parts pertaining to your purchase.

*There are no long-term, definitive studies on the effects of delta 8 THC. Everything mentioned above or that follows is based on firsthand user experiences with delta 8 THC and is provided for informational use only. It is not medical advice, and High Life delta 8 THC edible are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases, conditions, or any other condition. Individuals may have their own unique experience. We do not suggest in any way, shape, or form, that your experience will be the same. Customers have reported effects similar to Sativa products, with feelings of clarity. Customers have also said Delta 8 THC is almost as potent as normal THC products. Again, these are customer comments only and your experience may differ.

We do not have sufficient data to say anything definitively, but delta 8 THC may trigger many drug tests looking for delta 9 THC. As a precaution, you should not take this product if you need to pass a drug test.

Due to Delta 8 THC either being illegal or not explicitly legal according to state laws, this product may have restrictions in some states. Federal laws allow this product to be sold, but you should know your local laws before purchasing.

2 Reviews

Alyssia Nov 9th 2020

Great Gummies just a little too sour

These are great. I was ordering these from another site and they were a bit too strong. These seem perfectly balanced and they do help with relaxation and pain. Only problem is they're way too sour. They told be that the extreme sourness was due to a bad batch so they sent me a replacement. The replacements were just as sour as the first pack. I got a friend to buy some and his were too sour too but he liked the affect they had. They tried to correct the issue for me and were very professional. Sourness was the only issue.

Alyssia Oct 30th 2020

Great Gummies. Very relaxing.

These gummies were great. They have a bitter after taste, like all CBD gummies, but the sour taste kinda helps. Really "dipped" in Delta 8, so they're kind of sticky. The affects are worth it though. I already ordered another pack and recommended to other people.

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