Bacon Flavored Pets CBD Tincture - 250mg/bottle

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Bacon CBD Tincture for Pets

Bacon! Pets can now have a CBD with a great tasting flavor! NOTE: This is the same recipe and quality as our other tinctures, just with less CBD (safe for humans too!).

• 250mg CBD per bottle
• 8mg per serving
• Full Spectrum tincture
• 1oz bottle
• Made in USA


2 Reviews

barry young Aug 12th 2021

Bacon Flavored Pets CBD Tincture - 250mg/bottle

One of our cats, who is well getting on in age, is well under weight (usually the opposite in what you hear about cats). She didn't like the various hard pellets that all of the cats eat, so my GF has been spoiling her with canned food. Even that doesn't always appeal to the cat. I use hemp and cannabis, and know about how it can help with the munchies (Marinol got me eating again after losing a dramatic amount of weight). I'm actually on a diet now and do Delta 8 and Delta 10 ALL the time, and not getting the munchies like I did with pot (in the old days).
Back to the subject... I decided to try some of Boston Hempire's Pet Tincture on our old cat. Immediately (I mean 5 seconds after taking the 1/2 dropper), she started chowing down on hard and soft food. This was yesterday. I gave her a drop again, this morning, and immediately, starts eating food. I don't think it is a coincidence. Not sure what is really doing the trick, but this Pet Tincture is fantastic to get her to eat.
I plan to give her a 1/2 drop, twice a day.

Patty H Robertson Jan 12th 2021

My dog loves this

My dog begs for her "medicine" every day. She loves it and it has helped her pain.

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