Our Story

Since early America, industrial hemp has been a sought after plant for commercial use. Presidents Washington and Jefferson as well as Benjamin Franklin grew hemp in their fields to be harvested and sown together for clothing, paper and ropes for the Naval Fleets.

Today industrial hemp has been refined and cultivated on an entirely new level. Science has begun to play a key role in the hemp industry as we learn about the benefits that CBD can provide. Epilepsy and seizures have become new targets of exploration for CBD and how it can assist with the severity of these conditions. Pharmaceutical company’s are investing millions into researching CBD. We created Boston Hempire to bring you industrial hemp and hemp infused products that can be delivered right to your door with the same high-quality CBD found in these industries.

Boston Hempire started in 2018 after the company CEO Brandon Gadles and his close friend Kevin Coyle saw the benefits of CBD in their sick parent’s pain management issues while battling their critical illnesses. Brandon’s mother was coping with chemotherapy’s side effects while fighting stage four lung cancer, while Kevin’s father had been struggling with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS. After establishing the company, Brandon’s father was also diagnosed with cancer and begin to use CBD, while Kevin’s father has since lost his life to ALS. Seeing the positive effect of CBD products, the two founders established Boston Hempire to provide the same products that helped their three parents brave through life’s most challenging ordeals.

Boston Hempire’s farms strive to grow the best CBD rich industrial hemp in the country. We also search out and procure the best products on the market that are not made in-house to ensure we offer high quality products that match our own standards. Each of our shipments includes access to the full lab report of every product with complete COA statistics including CBD, CBDa, CBN and CBG, as well as the origin of the product.

Some of our products can have trace amounts or no THC. What do trace amounts of THC mean? We are glad you asked! Think of a non-alcoholic beer which still has trace amounts of alcohol. There isn’t enough alcohol in the drink to cause any effects, even if you had multiple. The same goes for THC in industrial hemp. There is not enough trace amounts of THC to cause any effects in our CBD hemp products. Although there may be legal trace amounts of THC* in some of our products, we recommend talking to a doctor if you are required to take routine drug screenings as trace amounts could appear on drug tests.

Everyone likes a little variety and we are no different! We source pesticide free, natural and organic hemp products, as well as products containing other cannabinoids, and decipher each type in our lab reports and product descriptions. We want to make sure you are satisfied and know what is in your CBD or hemp order. Click below to browse our selection or to learn more about using CBD products.

Who We Are
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