Introducing: Boston Hempire

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp is legal and it’s quickly becoming the wild west. The quality and prices of hemp are getting broader by the day. Recent news reports in Florida have shown just how chaotic the industry has already become. A Florida news team conducted random product testing and revealed some brands of CBD oil contained zero cannabidiol. So how do you differentiate high-quality cannabidiol from industry knock offs? Cue: Boston Hempire.


The idea for Boston Hempire started in 2017. After over a year of research, communication with industry leaders and endless product sampling, the premium brand of hemp and cannabidiol products was born. The foundation of the company was built on quality and customer service. Authenticity is also of the upmost importance to Boston Hempire. Every shipment is sent with a Boston Hempire quality checklist and a third-party lab report.


When the online store first launched in 2018, there were a wide range of reviews. The products were some of the best quality available, but pricing was slightly above market value. Boston Hempire heard the community input and responded accordingly. The quality continued to rise as the prices gradually dropped.


As we move into 2019, Boston Hempire is becoming an industry leader. The product line is well rounded, diverse, and consumer friendly. The wholesale distribution division has expanded well beyond New England to supply distributors and retailers nationwide. The customer service is friendly, prompt and always responsive. The company continues to grow and listen to it’s customer base. Boston Hempire is also developing new branded products, including consumables and additional hemp strains.


Boston Hempire is setting the standard for what should be expected within the CBD and hemp community. They are currently National Hemp Association gold members and fully insured by the Admiral Insurance Group. Check out the Boston based company at

Greg Stearns