The Chocolate Factory Marketing Plan

Boston Hempire Takes a Page from Dahl's Infamous Chocolate Factory Marketing Plan

 Most people have read the book or seen at least one of the movies. Roald Dahl’s “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory” was originally published in 1964, later followed by two motion picture films in 1971 and 2005. Whether you remember seeing Charlie Bucket finding his winning golden ticket or the orange and green Oompa-Loompas that worked for Willy Wonka, the story was quite a memorable one. The marketing plan was even better.

Stepping back from the movie as a purpose of entertainment and looking through the eyes of a Marketer, Roald Dahl’s golden ticket idea is brilliant. In my research I was unable to find where he got the idea, but Dahl shows an exemplary marketing vision. The idea that a golden ticket is hidden within a chocolate bar plays on the sweet tooth of children and the heartstrings of parents paying for the candy. Two demographics are pulled into the same campaign. The buzz in the story was so grand that Veruca Salt’s father wastefully went through a ghastly number of bars in search for a ticket for his daughter. The plan was well executed not only as part of the story, but as a true marketing campaign. The other piece of the plan that makes the campaign unique is the golden ticket being gold.

Todays Marketing Has Lost Some “Shine”

Marketing campaigns that offer giveaways appear glamorous at first with “Win a TV” or “Win a Shopping Spree”. The advertisements focus on that instant with a chance of winning that something you see on a poster or banner ad. You usually enter by simply submitting an email address or other personal info that is often sold to large companies selling leads. After a few minutes you probably already forgot about the contest and you will have no clue who actually wins. The search for a “golden ticket” seems to be more of a true feeling. There repeatedly is a chance to win that ticket without giving up something. Though golden in color, the parchment is not worth much. But it’s the feeling you get when seeing the shine of the paper as it’s revealed and the emotions that accompany finding that special ticket. You get the same feeling when receiving a surprise gift. It’s fun and exciting. You hope you win that prize every time you open that chocolate bar. The hope is what has seemed to be less genuine in most contests.

Boston Hempire’s Golden Ticket

Boston Hempire looked at the chocolate factory marketing plan and took a page from Dahl’s infamous book. “We wanted to give our customers that feeling of hope where they could be the one that finds the golden ticket and have the wave of emotions that accompanies the shimmering paper. The Golden J Giveaway is Boston Hempire’s Golden Ticket campaign” said CMO, Greg Stearns.

Boston Hempire is a hemp and CBD company specializing in Artisan Hemp Flower and a wide variety of CBD products. Launching in 2018, the company quickly rose to be a top distributor on the east coast with both online retail sales as well as wholesale distribution. In March, Boston Hempire launched the “Golden J Giveaway”. The contest was created for customers to win a golden joint; a hemp flower joint wrapped in 14k gold flake. The federally legal hemp flower is one of the biggest sellers on the Boston Hempire website. The contest consists of 5 golden joints that are randomly added to orders being shipped throughout March and April. The contest is tied to a new subscription program that also launched in March. The 5 winners must post a photo of the golden joint on social media and they will win a year’s subscription of the artisan hemp flower. Brandon Gadles, CEO, said “We wanted to offer a prize that was more than just a one-off win. We wanted our customers to remember who we are with a prize that constantly reminded them of us. Boston Hempire prides itself in having the highest quality products and providing our customers with the best hemp flower in the US. This type of contest seemed like the best way to get our message out there that we are here for them as a go-to supplier of premium hemp flower.”

President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing hemp federally in December of last year. Boston Hempire had already established themselves with over a year of research and development as well as launching their website before the bill was signed. The website has been widely popular for providing a variety of offerings. The subscription platform was another innovative way to add value to the hemp community. Offering a worry-free way to have CBD automatically delivered on a monthly basis brings hemp flower to the same level of convenience as your tissues or laundry detergent automatically being delivered from Amazon Subscriptions.

The Subscriptions

Boston Hempire offers an assortment of subscriptions for every budget. Subscriptions range from $20-$150 and offer quantities of a 1/8oz of hemp flower per month all the way to 1.5oz with 3-4 gifts in addition to the flower. These extensive options can help supply anyone looking for CBD all month long.

Boston Hempire plans on being the standard for high quality hemp flower and CBD products. You can visit the company website or Golden J Giveaway pages for more information.

Greg Stearns