Red Runtz Flower – CBD, Delta 8 THC, or HHC, Multiple Sizes

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Strain: Red Runtz CBD, HHC, or Delta 8 Coated Flower

Strain Genetics: Sour, Lifter
Quality: Very High
Grow Method: Organic Grow
Habitat: Indoor/Greenhouse
Seeds: Minimal to None
Origin: Vermont
Aroma: Earthy, Sour

Total Cannabinoids: 20.73%
Total CBD: 19.95%

CBD: 0.28%
CBDa: 22.43%
CBDV: 0.00%
Delta 9 THC*: <0.05%
     *Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%

1 Review

Aaron Green Jan 11th 2022

Never went through an 1/8 that fast

So, I pretty much order different strains from Boston Hemp, Bi-Monthly. I saw the Red Runtz and had not tried it before, so I was a go for at least 1/8 of the Delta 8. When I say it was all GONE within 48 hours, I am not kidding. It was a smooth, relaxing burn, with a great aroma and gentle taste. WELL WORTH the try.

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