Moon Rocks CBD Flower - 15% Plus 32.4% CBD, Multiple Sizes

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Product: Moon Rocks CBD Flower

Strain Genetics: Kush & Cherry
Description: 1g CBD Kief coated in CBD Flower
Quality: High
Grow Method: Natural Grow
Habitat: Greenhouse/Outdoor
Seeds: Minimal to none
Batch: 0010 & 0054
Origin: Oregon & Colorado
Aroma: Earthy, pepper and citrus

Total Cannabinoids: 19.37%
Total CBD: 16.95%

CBD: 3.70%
CBDa: 15.20%
CBDV: 0.00%
CBG: 0.03%
Delta 9 THC*: 0.00%
     *Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%

2 Reviews

Thea T Jan 9th 2021

Potent & Pain relieving

These Moon rocks are covered in Kief. They smell good. It doesn't take much for relaxation and pain telief. Great on it's own or added to CBD flower.

BornOn420 Oct 2nd 2020

Relaxing on the Moon

So far I found a seed. Some people don't like seeds, but I see opportunity with seeds, especially if they're fully developed like the seed I found in my moon rock. The flavor is nice, you can taste cherry. :) The smell while toking is also very nice. If I smoke two bowls I do get a mild level of couch-lock, but over all, I just feel really relaxed and chill. However, if I smoke only one bowl, I'm revved up and in hyper-drive and everything is silly. I have ADHD, so that may be why it has that affect on me. Everyone is different though, my review is obviously my experience, it doesn't mean it's going to be yours. I will come to Boston Hempire to buy again. I don't recall how I found out about them, but I'm glad I did. Solid CBD nugs. I chose the moon rocks though because I typically toke high THC cannabis, and figured I wouldn't do well with a lower potency product, I'm glad I got the moon rocks, they're just right. :)

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