Organic Frosted Bubba Kush – 22.5% CBD, Multiple Sizes

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Strain: Frosted Bubba Kush CBD Flower

Strain Genetics: Kush
Quality: Very High
Grow Method: Organic Grow
Habitat: Indoor/Greenhouse
Seeds: Minimal to None
Batch: 0163
Origin: Oregon
Aroma: Sweet, Pepper and Citrus

Total Cannabinoids: 26.30%
Total CBD: 22.50%

CBD: 0.60%
CBDa: 25.00%
CBG: 0.00%
CBN: 0.00%
CBC: 0.20%
Delta 9 THC*: 0.00%
     *Federal Legal Limit: 0.3%

10 Reviews

MR Jul 29th 2020

Sour kush

Another great bud and very relaxing. Thank you

MR Jul 29th 2020

Bubba kush

Really mellowed me out and was able to get a good nights rest

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